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  • 我們認為:
  • 生命是統一的,所有的生命都有一個共同的起源,只是在各個物種的演變過程中出現了差異對這些天賦權利的輕視,甚至是簡單的無知都會給大自然造成嚴重的破壞,導致人類對動物犯下罪行
  • 物種共存意味著人類對其他動物物種的生存權力的認知
  • 人與人之間的尊重與人對動物的尊重是不可分割的。



1. 每個動物都有被尊重的權力。
2. 人類,和其他動物物種一樣,不能侵犯該權力,聲稱自己有權消除其他動物或剝削他們。人應該用自己的良知來為動物服務。
3. 每一個動物都有被人體諒、善待和保護的權利。

1. 不能虐待任何動物。
2. 如果一個動物必須面臨死亡,它的死亡應該是瞬間的,而且沒有恐懼或痛苦。

1. 所有屬於野生物種的動物都有權自由的生活在自然環境中,並擁有繁殖的權利。
2. 任何對自由的剝奪,即使是用於教育目的,也是違背這一權利的。

1. 每一個通常生活在家庭環境中的動物必須按照該物種的自然規律生活和成長。
2. 人類為了商業目的而造成的對這種規律和環境的任何變化都是違背該法則的。

1. 所有被人類選作伴侶的動物必須享有與其自然壽命相當的生命歷程。
2. 遺棄動物是一種殘忍而可恥的行為。


1. 給動物帶來生理和精神痛苦的試驗,包括醫學、科學、商業或其他形式,都是不符合動物權利的。
2. 必須研制開發出可替代的技術。


1. 不能把動物用於娛樂活動。
2. 用動物做的展覽和展出是有損動物尊嚴的。


1. 任何導致大量野生動物死亡的行為都是有計劃的屠殺,這是對物種的犯罪。
2. 造成物種滅絕的污染和破壞也是犯罪行為。

1. 必須尊重動物的屍體進行處理。
2. 除用於宣揚動物權利外,必須在影視作品中禁止以動物為犧牲品的血型場面。

1. 在政府層面必須有保護和保障機構。
2. 動物權利必須和人權一樣受法律保護。




Considering that Life is one, all living beings having a common origin and having diversified in the course of the evolution of the species;

Considering that all living beings possess natural rights, and that any animal with a nervous system has specific rights;

Considering that the contempt for, and even the simple ignorance of these natural rights cause serious damage to nature and lead man to commit crimes against animals;

Considering that the coexistence of species implies a recognition by the human species of the right of other animal species to live;

Considering that the respect of humans for animals is inseparable from the respect of man for another man.


Article 1
All animals are born equal and they have the same rights to existence.

Article 2
a) Every animal has the right to be respected.
b) Man, like the animal species, cannot assume the right to exterminate other animals or to exploit them, thereby violating this right. He should use his conscience for the service of the animals.
c) Every animal has the right to consideration, good treatment and the protection of man.

Article 3
a) No animal should be submitted to bad treatment or cruel actions.
b) If the death of an animal is necessary, this should be sudden and without fear or pain.

Article 4
a) All animals belonging to a wild species have the right to live free in their natural environment, and have the right to reproduce.
b) Each deprivation of freedom, even for educational purposes, is in opposition to this right.

Article 5
a) Every animal that usually lives in a domestic environment must live and grow to a rhythm natural to his species.
b) Any change to this rhythm and conditions dictated by man for mercantile purpose, is a contradiction of this law.

Article 6
a) All animals selected by man, as companions must have a life corresponding to their natural longevity.
b) To abandon an animal is a cruel and degrading action.

Article 7
Working animals must only work for a limited period and must not be worked to exhaustion. They must have adequate food and rest.

Article 8
a) Experiments on animals that cause physical and mental pain, are incompatible with animal rights, even if it is for medical, scientific, commercial or any other kind of experiment.
b) A substitute technique must be investigated and developed.

Article 9
In the eventuality of an animal bred for food, it must be fed, managed, transported and killed without it being in fear or pain.

Article 10
a) No animal should be used for entertainment.
b) Animal exhibitions and shows that use animals are incompatible with an animal's dignity.

Article 11
Every action that causes the unnecessary death of an animal, is cruel which is a crime against life.

Article 12
a) Every action that causes the death of a lot of wild animals is genocide, that is a crime against the species.
b) Pollution and destruction leads to the extinction of the species.

Article 13
a) Dead animals must be treated with respect.
b) Violent scenes, where animals are the victims, must be forbidden at the cinema and on TV, unless they are for the demonstration of animal rights.

Article 14
a) Protection and safeguarding associations must be represented at government level.
b) Animal rights must be defended by law as are human rights.

The text of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF ANIMAL RIGHTS has been adopted from the International League of Animal Rights and Affiliated National Leagues in the course of an International Meeting on Animal Rights which took place in London from 21st to 23rd September 1977.

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