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The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics
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Chelsea Rhodes 

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Thank you so much for writing. I understand your concerns and wanted to take an opportunity to address them.

 As I mentioned in my response forwarded to you by Jessi, PETA’s Statement of Assurance requires that companies not conduct or commission any non-required animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and not do so in the future. As you know, the CCIC agreement requires companies to meet the provisions of PETA’s Statement of Assurance (which covers products, formulations, and ingredients) and also obtain a signed statement from each of their ingredient suppliers. PETA does not require the suppliers of the listed companies to actually sign a statement, but we do require our cruelty-free companies to have agreements in place with their suppliers (verbal or written), and we provide them with guidance and language to help them put these agreements in place. We then review signed statements and talk to companies about any concerns we might have to make sure that they know exactly what they are guaranteeing when they sign our contract. That is why we can securely claim that if a company is certified as cruelty-free by us, they are guaranteeing that their suppliers also do not test.

 The reason we chose this policy is so the process wouldn’t be complicated or bureaucratic. Many companies that we believe are already totally cruelty-free have shown over the last few years that they are not willing to complete the lengthy paperwork and various steps required by the CCIC’s standard. We tried to cut down on these steps, while maintaining the integrity or our list, so that consumers would know about these companies’ good policies and start supporting them by purchasing their cruelty-free products.

 I hope this answers some of your questions and clarifies our certification process. Thank you, also, for sharing all of your sources and links with us and for all you do for animals. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Kind regards,

Chelsea Rhodes
Caring Consumer Specialist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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