Human Meat Tray in NTU, Taipei................

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Meat Tray Demo in Taiwan

Edit / photos:Chia-Pei Chang 

About this event. This idea came from the western world, 
where animal rights concepts started. 
Many technique and documents were supported 
unconditionally from our far-away-friends, 
so we could make it in Chinese version, to show the Taiwanese,
and all the Chinese around the world.  

Therefore, if there is anyone who's interested in launching such a campaign, I wish this article can be helpful. We have some documents such as Chinese label or photos to share, please feel free to download any of the photos or contact us for more information. 

It was said that it'd be the first human meat tray demo in Asia. (if no please let me know) It's also Taiwan's first time.

Today I'm editing this article to keep track of this campaign as an alumnus.  

After coming back to Taiwan. One night I went to NTUAR's (National Taiwan University) dinner meeting. 
The club was trying to figure out its topic for the coming Club Exhibition for the freshmen in September.  

We had some ideas, and the Meat Tray Demo was one of them.
It's been a demo which appealed to most of us.
We might get many criticism due to the shocking images, however, the demo will be very eye-catching and impress everyone.  

Besides the demos all over the world lauching by animal rights groups, one day the Princeton University Human Meat Tray Demo  caught my eyes. When can we show this demo in a Taiwan university? To enable our students to make a connection between the meat people eat and we human beings by the exposure of the special demo. 

Unexpectedly, the amazing day came true!! :D

============ The story now begins ==============


  • The activists aim to demonstrate that all animals—including humans—are made of flesh, blood, and bone; that animals have the same senses and range of emotions as humans do; and that when you eat meat, you are eating a corpse.

  1. Human Meat. 
  2. Signs Holders. 
  3. Spokesperson(s).
  4. Leaflet personnel.
  5. Mobile person.
  6. Photographer. 
  7. Editor.

 equipment; materials 
  1. the Meat Tray.
  2. the labels on the top.  
  3. the wrapping material.
  4. the red pigment.
  5. the signs. In this case we used "Your food, his life" and "Think before you eat".
  6. Poster for the booth.
  7. Campaign / club leaflets. We gave away 1000 this time!
  8. Animal Rights stickers. 

 Campaign process 

Two days before:

Issue the Chinese/English media alert to all the media. We need the media power to spread the messages out, as far/deep as possible. 

Special thanks for our senior pioneer, EAST for the media contact list. 

The exhausted club president, Yao, almost did everything by herself, because most of the kids were not in Taipei. Therefore I went to the student activity center to give her a hand. 

My Idols, PETA's campaign director Lindsay Rajt and PETA Asia's Ashley Fruno provided me many technical suggestions and the English media alert. It saved me a lot of times to figured things out.  

Yao and I spent only one hour to turn the board into the meat tray. 

 How to make the Meat Tray 

The base:Big board x2+Small board x4
The edge:Small board x6, cut each one in half, stick around the base. 
The angle:Recycled poster paper (the back side), fold it for few times to make it thicker, and then stick on the both side of the edge angle. 

Board size: (or pick up any that suits you)
100cm x 61cm (Big) 
50cm x 30.5cm (Small)

The campaign day. Dora volunteered to be the first "meat" 
She was trying to draw a "blood tear" on her face.
Ann and I both came back to help as an alumnus.

The Journalist from apple daily came before 10am, 
the planned demo beginning time.  

"Ohhh we're here to record your preparation! "
Uncle Apple said.

Journalist sister's interview with the "meat"
"It must be very hot! isn't it?"

"Yes it is...I'm sweating all over now...
but it's nothing to what the animals have been through."
Said Dora. 

Let's take a closer look at the art show.

Yao, the president of the club, as the spokesperson.
And our Teng-Yi, sat in the shadow folding leaflets.

As the time goes by, the sun shined all over Dora.

We moved the tray under the shadow. 
A-Pei acted the 2nd meat.

Our messages:
Your food, his life. 

Stop killing, every piece of meat came from a life being.

I don't want to die................

After being the meat, Dora became one of the sign holders.
"Stop killing, rethink about meat, 
welcome to join the animal rights club!"

The Chinese and the English signs.

Dose it recall you the meat in the supermarket freezer?

Most people's reaction:

"OMG~~ it's terrible! yuck! "

But when people buy meat in the market or 
when they're eating meat, 
they couldn't imagine that the meat 
also belonged to another living being.

The passionate spokesperson Dora spoked to the interested students.

The superwoman A-Pei, 
lay in the tray from 11:30am to 5pm...

Actually I was looking forward to having some "cool meat photo" as a memory and to show off to friends..lol
But it's also important to have people talking to the passengers.
Thanks A-Pei for the meat marathon.

Before 5pm, we gave away 1000 leaflets! 
We finished a successful demo!

The sunset gleam was like a stream of hope for Taiwan animal rights.

Wish the first Taiwan animal rights student club can keep walking, with everyone's cheers and supports. 
To be the voice of the voiceless.  

Uncle Apple's online report:

Report from Taiwan Environmental info center:

If you agree with their action
And if you're willing to donate some money / your time or even just say thank you or good job. 
Everything will be a big help for them. 

 Donation account (Taiwan):

郵局 (700)
Account name: please contact us

or please email us if you'd like to paypal.

Contact info

President:Yao  siriusxmoony@gmail.com 
Or me:Jessi  hoohoo55@gmail.com 
NTUAR FB page:

Please contact us if you'd like to be part of the Taiwan Animal Right activists. 

Thanks for your patience : )

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